We are ready to manage projects of any complexity, We are turnkey contractors
Doing jobs in the field of Civil, Mechanical, Piping, Electrical, Fire fighting, HVAC, etc, HP & LP Piping (AS, SS, CS, AL, etc.).
Substations, Area Lighting, Hot Dip Galvanized Transmission Towers, etc Cell phone towers
Ash handling system, Coal Handling system
Dairy Plants, Capital repairs Boiler overhauling
Water conducting system Canal Lining, Tank farms
Steel Chimney (done up to 110 meter) Gas Scrubbers for Coke oven byproduct

Our Activities in Mechanical

We are a Project Construction Company covering activities like, design,manufacturing, erection and commissioning. We do Civil foundation, structures, buildings, Mechanical (including IBR & non-IBR pipelines) and Electrical items like:

Our Activities in Mechanical
  • Mini Blast Furnace with a capacity of 23 M³ & 65 M³.
  • Sponge Iron Plants including mfg. of Kilns, Cooler and ABC at site.
  • IBR & non-IBR, LP & HP Pipe lines (P22, P11, SS, CS, etc.)
  • Ash handling system, Coal handling Systems, etc.
  • Cold / Hot rolling Mill Equipments Erection and allied pipelines.
  • Calcining, Caustic Soda and By product Project
  • E.S.P. / Boiler overhauling
  • Water Conducting System
  • Re-Heating, Holding and other Furnaces
  • Steel Chimney, Flue Ducts, etc
  • Storage Tanks (SS & CS), Scrubbers, Silos, etc.
  • Pressure Vessels & Heat Exchangers.
  • Fire Fighting systems
  • Sheds (Tubular & conventional types)
  • Valve Trays, Bubble Caps, Valves, ESP Electrodes (SS & CS), etc
  • Technological structures
  • Tunnel & Bell Kilns
  • Equipments like Air Curtains, Fans, etc.
  • Dies and Tools, Press components, etc.
  • Reclamation of worn out parts such as Rolls, Rotors, Gear, etc.
  • Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Systems


We have a large number of Designers & Draftsmen (including part timers), who design & draft on CAD / manual basis. Most of them are ex-consulting Engineers / Draftsmen. We had a Design office located inside the office premises of Larsen & Toubro Ltd, Hazira (Gujarat), where we had a strength of 11 Draughtsman and 4 Design Engineers. Our Design team was headed by Late Mr. P K Mallik, authority in Crane and Structural Design. Some of our major Design jobs were:

  • Complete Design and Engineering of Coke Oven Boosting Station for Vizag Steel Plant on behalf of TLT, Germany under M N Dastur.
  • Design and Engineering of complete Inner Projection Dome inside Space Theatre for Kolkata Science City, NCSM, Kolkata and also for Science City, Jalandhar.
  • Design and engineering of complete Inner Projection Dome for NCSM, Lucknow, Mumbai, Ujjain, etc.
  • Total Design and Engineering of Antenna Towers for Power Development Corporation, Bangladesh.
  • Storage Tanks and Pipe lines for IOCL, Balmer Lawrie, etc.

We can undertake complete Designing & Drawing work, especially of the following:

  • Pipelines,
  • Storage Tanks,
  • Pressure Vessels,
  • EOT Cranes,
  • Calcining, Caustic Soda and by product plants,
  • Mini Blast Furnaces,
  • Reheating Furnaces,
  • Fire fighting system,
  • Ash Handling & Coal Handling Systems,
  • Material Handling System,
  • Chimneys, ducts, etc. and
  • Air-conditioning and Refrigeration systems.
  • Insulation of Pipelines, Boilers, Scrubbers, Tanks, Dome, etc.
From our two factories located at Kolkata & Howrah, we can supply 250 MT fabricated SS / CS materials per month. For on-site fabrication and erection the quantity will depend upon the job, volume, site and other related factors.
We are doing erection of Boilers and HP / LP steam pipelines. We are registered with CIB, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and Bihar.
We have facilities for Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Radiography and Ultrasonic testing. We arrange Non-Destructive testing such as Radiography, Ultrasonic, etc.. through external agencies.